My Weight Contract

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The concept of the contract

Is there any evidence that such a contract will translate into motivation?

Years of rigorous scientific research conducted by scientists have shown that the use of contract commitments gives three times higher chances of success! And that makes sense. A deposit agreement with yourself causes that breaking this promise becomes much more difficult. If eating another donut will mean that you'll lose your deposit, you'll choose an apple.

Why will My Weight Contract help me lose weight?

Science tells us that we do not like to lose, in fact we hate losing, and at the same time we often make momentary, sudden decisions that provide immediate happiness (e.g. we eat a donut) at the expense of achieving a long‑term goal (e.g. weight loss).
The good news is that studies have found two factors that effectively help people achieve their desire of changing their behaviour. An aim and the responsibility for a loss. The need to desire a target and simultaneous financial responsibility to do what you're supposed to do.
That's why My Weight Contract works so well – it helps its users use the power of their desire to lose weight and keeps them responsible for their entrusted funds. This has been empirically proven, it unanimously improves the chances of your success.

How do the application and my account look like?

After setting up a free account on My Weight Contract, each user gets their individual dashboard, which is the place for their contractual information and measurements. The application is available in both web and mobile versions (Android and iOS). It includes: the beginning and the end of the contract, the target, a progress graph and the amount of the deposit. You can add subsequent photos and enter measurements on your dashboard.

How does My Weight Contract work?

My Weight Contract ensures people the tools of a remote contract, which they need to overcome their weaknesses.
We allow users to specify their weight loss target, choose the time in which they want to achieve this, and we include a small control mechanism, by means of an agreement on at least one weekly photo on the bathroom scale with a visible measurement. So, if you would like to lose weight, My Weight Contract is an agreement that strongly keeps you on the road to your success.

Weight control

How are my progress and the achievement of my goal verified?

In a very simple way, our goal is to maintain your motivation. We wait for your photo on the bathroom scale with a visible measurement and your current weight typed in the field next to the photo. A photo and measurement must be added at least once a week. We allow one week of delay, a longer break will end the contract. We believe in honesty, the goal is your health and fitness.

How and when should I weigh myself?

It's easy. We would like you to weigh yourself at least once a week. It is best to choose a particular day, during which every week you will stand on the bathroom scale, take a photo and post it on your profile on My Weight Contract.
It's important to weigh yourself on one device for the duration of the contract, have breaks in between weighing no longer than 2 weeks and provide a clear photo.

What should I do if my scale stops working?

In exceptional cases, you can replace the device. We rely on your honesty and we motivate you.

How do I enter my initial weight?

The first picture will show us the initial weight.

Is there any tolerance and how high is it in the final result?

Yes. We can agree that weight loss may differ from the set target by 10%. That will be a success.

Can I increase the time for weight loss?

No, the possibility of changing your target already at the beginning makes it more difficult to achieve success.
You know your body and its capabilities best, that is why you set the target yourself. After that you just have to stick to it, without any excuses.

Can I just type in the result from the bathroom scale?

No, the photo is a confirmation of your results.
These are your achievements, and photos help to motivate you and improve your daily choices.


Do subsequent photos have to show progress?

No, the weight may be variable. It's important that the final result will meet your target.

I can't add a photo because I don't know how to, can I send it by email?

Try using the mobile app first. This is the easiest way to add photos to your account. The application is available for Android and iOS.
If you encounter any problems, contact us by email – we'll try to explain how to add photos using easy instructions.

What will happen if I add a few photos during one day?

The last added photo of the day will be the one recorded in the progress history for that day.

Can I remove an incorrect photo that I added?

Yes. You can delete it and add a correct photo. You can delete and change only the last record, on the day the picture was taken and uploaded. Older records cannot be edited or changed.

How often can I add measurements, photos?

Every day. Our premise and your motivation are a promise to add one photo a week. If you need a more detailed history, add them every day.


Does achieving the goal always guarantee the return of my deposit?

Yes, there are no other hidden conditions. One simple premise, one condition of the contract – weight loss in the specified time. You will receive a transfer of the deposit back to your account, together with the enormous satisfaction of achieving your goal. You'll be the happiest person on earth, when you will endure thanks to this strong motivation and spend the money on new clothes or the holiday of a lifetime.

If the target is achieved before the fixed date, will the deposit be returned earlier?

No, the chosen date is unchangeable. We verify all images and check the difference between the first and the last reading.

Where is my money kept (and what do you do with it)?

It is kept in a safe bank in an interest‑free account, it is returned to you in the specified time.


How fast can you lose weight, what target should you set yourself?

The maximum speed of healthy weight loss is one percent of your body weight per week. Since you know your body best and how to it responds to changes, realistically adjust the time and the number of kilograms/pounds you plan to lose in your contract, without exaggeration. You can always add another stage and another contract after the first victory, without losing a penny.

Why do I have to set up an account using Facebook?

Facebook provides speed and safety of registration. For registration purposes, My Weight Contract just needs the email address of the contract participant and receives only basic details from your profile. This method of logging in ensures discretion and privacy.
If you do not have a Facebook account, we will soon enable setting up an account using your email.

Will I get a diet or exercise plan?

No. Diets, exercises, ideas for change are so different and so widely available, that we do not add any new "best ways". We are aware that everyone knows their body well, including their eating and exercise habits, and we add to that a completely different value. Our strength is in the fact that whatever you choose, we will make sure that you endure. We strengthen your choice, giving you a much better chance of success.

Can I take a break from losing weight?

We know very well that commitment and perseverance are important factors for achieving your goal. However, nothing will happen because of one big dinner with friends or a birthday cake. Remember that such breaks don't rule out your chances of succeeding, it is important to stick to your goals in your daily life. Weekly measurements will help you in this and you have great chances to achieve your target in the specified time.

Can the contract be suspended?

The contract cannot be suspend or postponed – it will make it more difficult to achieve your target. Maintaining motivation is our common aim, thereby it's better to demonstrate a positive commitment during the time you specified. Only illness (confirmed in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions) may modify the contract.

Can I delete my account knowing that I will lose my deposit?

Yes, it is up to you.
Simply write to us at:
Of course, you should think this over carefully.

Can I unsubscribe from receiving email notifications?

Yes, but this decision will cause that you'll be cut‑off from reminders and information about your contract.
Remember that we try not to send any unnecessary information. We only communicate for specific reasons. Think twice before unsubscribing.

Can I change my aim in the middle of the contract?

Before finally setting your target, you have the time to make a good, well thought out decision. In the first step, on the home page, this will not yet be a binding declaration. You should think twice and declare how many kilograms/pounds you would like to lose and in what time you plan to achieve this. You confirm the contract just before the payment is made and at this point it becomes a binding agreement with yourself, secured by a financial deposit.

What makes My Weight Contract users so honest?

Their own choice! If you are a person, who will falsify data, in order to avoid the consequences and losing your deposit, which you voluntarily made on your own terms, you better not start.
We believe in honesty, that is our motto.