My Weight Contract

Win against yourself.

Take advantage of the scientifically proven motivational approach.
A small deposit will help you lose weight.

My Weight Contract

I would like to lose:

In the period of:

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if you know all the tricks and you only need motivation - establish a contract.

Three steps of strong incentives for losing weight.

  • Establish a contract

    Set the time and the weight that you would like to achieve.
    Establish a contract with yourself – pay a deposit of 100.00 dollars.
    Motivation: "I'll keep my resolution, or I'll lose my deposit".
  • Add photos

    Upload a photo of your bathroom scale once a week on your profile.
    A simple photo, with an easy to read result.
    It's a small amount of effort, but it gives lots of motivation to act.
  • Your deposit is returned to your account

    The contract comes to an end.
    You have achieved your target weight.
    The deposit is automatically returned by means of the same method that it was paid.

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A contract for everyone
who really wants to achieve their goal in losing weight.

My Weight Contract is a scientifically proven method that helps in weight loss. In a surprising way, it increases the chances of achieving your goals by means of depositing a small amount of money.
Unlike other tools that help in weight loss, the methodology was specifically designed to help people use the power of their desire to recover their funds. Success is empirically proven and it increases the chances of losing weight by up to three times.

You probably have a lot of questions…

Is there any evidence that such a contract will translate into motivation?

Years of rigorous scientific research conducted by scientists have shown that the use of contract commitments gives three times higher chances of success! And that makes sense. A deposit agreement with yourself causes that breaking this promise becomes much more difficult. If eating another donut will mean that you'll lose your deposit, you'll choose an apple.

How are my progress and the achievement of my goal verified?

In a very simple way, our goal is to maintain your motivation. We wait for your photo on the bathroom scale with a visible measurement and your current weight typed in the field next to the photo. A photo and measurement must be added at least once a week. We allow one week of delay, a longer break will end the contract. We believe in honesty, the goal is your health and fitness.

Does achieving the goal always guarantee the return of my deposit?

Yes, there are no other hidden conditions. One simple premise, one condition of the contract – weight loss in the specified time. You will receive a transfer of the deposit back to your account, together with the enormous satisfaction of achieving your goal. You'll be the happiest person on earth, when you will endure thanks to this strong motivation and spend the money on new clothes or the holiday of a lifetime.

How fast can you lose weight, what target should you set yourself?

The maximum speed of healthy weight loss is one percent of your body weight per week. Since you know your body best and how to it responds to changes, realistically adjust the time and the number of kilograms/pounds you plan to lose in your contract, without exaggeration. You can always add another stage and another contract after the first victory, without losing a penny.


Lose weight with friends.

You will get support from them and additional money in your deposit account from us.